My Dialogue With Nature.…

“Often as a child, I had countless conversations with natural things in the forests and fields, and I can still remember how the Dialogues went, from the real to the mysterious, from the earthly to the heavenly.”

“Later then, in college, I found Voices of Silence by the art critic and author, Andre Malraux, who felt that great and magnificent moments, over the ages, were an intricate blend of natural forms and man’s development of canons and standards which made such things possible and so beautiful.”

“Delicate themes and forms, and designs; and sharp and smooth, hard and soft, graceful and misshapen and so on. Mountains of stone, fields of grass, trees of great stature, minerals and oils became sculptures, paintings, buildings and works and playthings.”

“The little fragments of nature became philosophies, the designs, the structures, the fundamentals, the patterns of all peoples. The Dialogues which surrounded the formation of these disciplines came from the same qualities we find inherent in the intricate beauties of the world of shape, color, texture, light, dark and on and on. This is my Dialogue with nature.”

~ Vincent Hartgen, Undated Show Introduction, c. 1990




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