Catalogue Raisonné

Vincent Andrew Hartgen’s son, David, began compilation of a known works inventory after his father passed. Beginning with his first known works—illustrations for his junior high yearbook in 1929, it now contains 1,923 items dated until his death in 2002. Hartgen’s career spanned over 70 years, in which he produced 2,000 major works of art and several thousand sketches.

“The inventory is ordered by Year, with undated items listed last. Within each year, items are ordered alphabetically by Title, as given by the artist. Medium indicates the creation format, primarily watercolors and drawings but also signed sketches and other formats. Size is the work’s dimensions in inches. Picture available indicates whether a photograph is available for the work. Notes are also provided when available, indicating where the work was displayed and location of purchase, when known. The Three-Letter ID is the first three letters of the ‘owner of record’ (usually the first purchaser) and allows for self-identification but retains privacy. Finally, the Inventory ID Number is the inventory’s unique identifier for each work, and should be referred to in correspondence. Many works, particularly smaller items, have only limited information, unknown titles or owners, and sometimes unknown sizes. These are indicated by a “0” or “Unknown” in the data field.”[1]

Image, 1971 American Artists Group

Grasses of Winter Dawn, 1968

We continue to build upon Hartgen’s catalogue raisonne, as previously unknown items appear on auction sites and owners and buyers contact us.  We estimate that 50 major works created before 1950; approximately 100 smaller pieces; and 2,000 sketches from his sketchbooks are missing.  Over the years, Hartgen generously gifted many pieces that remain unaccounted. Including all of these elements would mean Hartgen amassed about 4,000 works, half of which were sketches.

We update the inventory regularly and hope to carry it as close as we can to completion. Please contact us if you would like to make corrections, or provide additional listings. Works from the 1940s and 1950s are particularly rare.

One piece, “Grasses of Winter Dawn,” 1968, cannot be located. It was originally owned by Maine Savings Bank, which is now closed. Its image was also used for an American Artists Group Christmas card in 1971.  Individuals with information about this item or others, please contact  We can also assist with questions about pricing.

> 1920s~1940s

[1] David Hartgen, “Life Inventory of Major Works of Vincent Hartgen,” Vincent Andrew Hartgen: His Art and Legacy, p. 175.

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