Thank you…


Maryann Hoffmann, my major adviser at the University of Colorado, Denver, for encouraging me to apply for honors English.


Dr. Joanne Addison, my thesis adviser, for saying, “Why don’t you try this…”


Terri Beyer, Senior Development Officer at the University of Maine. Thank you for your lovely phone call, for sharing your beautiful stories from others about my Grandpa Vincent, and thank you for the precious packet you sent so quickly in the mail.


Richard Hollinger, Head, Special Collections Department, Fogler Library, University of Maine, for explaining intellectual copyright and sharing your insights on librarianship.


Dr. Pauleena McDougall from the Maine Folklife Center for quickly granting permissions to use the Vincent Hartgen interview with Lynn Franklin.


Tim Pellet and James Jackson Sanborn from Main InfoNet for helping me locate the proper channels at Maine Public Broadcasting Network to gain copyright permissions for the Windows on Maine episode.


Kate Casparius and Laura Schneck with Maine Public Broadcasting Network for promptly returning my frantic emails and calls and helping me gain permissions to use the Windows on Maine video.



New Friends and Old…


Classmate, Marsea Wynne and mother, Lou, thank you for sharing your morning and your beautiful studio with me.


Classmate, Jared Bogaz, thanks for always being a straight shooter and a great editor.


Jeremiah Walter, thank you for your inspiring narration of “Second Chance.” You beat Stephen King, hands-down. I can’t wait for our dine-and-dash at the Penrose Room.


Matt Bunch, old friend, talented artist and musician, thanks for your prompt help with my frantic formatting questions and for being so kind.


Tavia Gilbert, many thanks for your openness and willingness. They say Idaho’s best treasures are its exports—the state of Maine has gained a treasure.


Ted Laderas, you have always been my hero—the quintessential Renaissance man—a man of science and a man of art, my grandfather would have adored you. Thank you for the beautiful music, OO-Ray.  Rime of the Mysterious Etruscans is a perfect companion to his art.



Family, Family, Family…


Vincent, Stephen, David, and Frances Hartgen, 1989

I am so grateful for all of you near and far, huge and extended.


Kate Reedy-Maschner and Brooke Schein, my oldest and dearest friends, who like family, are always in my corner. Thank you for taking time to come watch me graduate, finally!


Papa and Linda, thank you for always being my cheerleaders, for everything you do for me, for all of us kids. Thanks Papa for sending me last-minute items and all your help while I worked to complete the website. Your writing is just as vivid as Grandpa’s paintings. I hope someday to be a master of the craft like you.


Miss Rachel Frances Hartgen, my dear sister, your support, encouragement, and listening ear make the most difficult days bearable.  I look forward to carrying the legacy forward with you. We shall take that “sister trip” to Maine!


Mom, thanks for always telling me you love me, no matter what.


Aunt Alison thanks for always making me laugh and for always letting me know you are thinking of me.


Tara Beck thanks for all your hard work with the book projects, helping pave the way for me.


Uncle David, thank you for entrusting me with the inventory and for all the hard work you put into building it.


Aunt Jane, you too live an artful life, thank you for sharing that with me through your kindness and generosity.


Grandma Joy, you are so dear to me. Thanks for teaching me perseverance and strength.


Joe Paisley, husband, friend. I love sharing a life with you and am grateful for the balance you bring.Thanks for listening and reading and editing, again and again. Thank you for your patience and continued support. You are loved.


And, to my grandparents, Frances and Vincent, for encouraging me to honor, to accept, and to pursue my individual nature, to find a way to live an artful life, however that may look and however long that may take.



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