Storm Coast, Schoodic, 1969

Watercolor 24×36 inches, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Vincent Hartgen was a legendary artist, teacher, curator, and collector, who founded the University of Maine’s art department and museum. A passionate advocate for the arts in Maine, he committed himself to making art accessible and worked tirelessly to build the University’s collection. In his 36 years as museum director, he acquired 3,900 original pieces of art. Today, with over 7,000 items, the University of Maine Museum of Art’s collection is the only art collection owned by the citizens of Maine.

He passed away on November 27, 2002 at 88 years old. His enduring legacy sustains as Maine arts thrive and his own art remains contemporary, modern, and collectible. Exhibitions and collections include the Beaux-Arts Institute of Design; the Smithsonian; the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis; the Brooklyn Museum; the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the De Cordova Museum; the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; and the Chase Gallery in New York, among many others. Hartgen was a modernist and the intent of this site is to keep his art and legacy alive in the digital age.

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